ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre will soon launch the sixth project under Horizon 2020. This time ASM will be a coordinator of the project called „Methodology for efficient segmenting innovating SMEs based on lifecycles, represented sectors and regional characteristics” (SMEthod).

SMEthod is a research project aimed at delivering an improved methodology of identifying SME’s pathways to innovation and of segmenting innovating SMEs in order to determine optimal targeting and timing of support measures allocated by innovation agencies and other institutions. The SMEthod methodology will consider important factors that are likely to influence companies and the societal impact they create. In particular, enterprise lifecycle, industrial sectors, regional characteristics, and innovation cycles will be scrutinized. New segmenting criteria for innovation support policies will be prepared and specific variables will be determined and weighted in order to assure usability of the methodology. A complementary goal is to create a decision support tool (DST) which will be devolved in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders who implement innovation policies and by compiling the complex SME innovativeness determinants will offer them a flexible evaluation tool.

ASM – Market Research and Analysis Center will be the project coordinator and the leader of a key work package designed to develop an improved segmentation methodology. In addition, ASM will have a significant share in other research work and will be also involved in communication and dissemination activities. Moreover, the coordinator will also be responsible for developing an exploitation strategy and preparing recommendations for actions at political level.

The project will start at the beginning of 2018 and will last for 30 months. The project consortium consists of seven partners from five countries (Cyprus, Finland, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom). Among the Polish partners of the project is also the University of Lodz.

SMEthod project has been awarded a grant under the H2020-INNOSUP-2016-2017 call: „Innovating SMEs – segmentation along lifecycle and sectors (analytical research activity)” – INNOSUP-07-2017.