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Methods and techniques

Research and market analysis are conducted by ASM basing on the methodologgy which is each time tailored to customers’ needs in order to answer to a specific problem or market situation.

Many years of experience gained, appropriate technical resources and an organized network of researchers and interviewers enable us to carry out research using various methods in order to meet the needs of the customers.


  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)
  • PAPI (Paper & Pencil Interview): personal interview conducted by the interviewer
  • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview): questionnaire directed to different groups of respondents via Internet
  • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview): personal interview conducted with the use of computer
  • Auditorium interview/ test
  • Press and Mail Questionnaire


  • IDI (in-depth interview)/ ITI (in-depth telephone interview): allows the researcher to reach inner needs & motivations of the respondents
  • FGI (focus group interview): enables the researcher to investigate consumer’s motivations and evaluate them on a group level
  • SSI (semi-structured interview): the conjunction of open ended and close ended questions enables an insightful conversation with the respondents
  • Dyad: interview conducted with paired respondents, to confront opinions, examine their interaction (Triad which is a variation with 3 respondents is also possible)
  • Case study: a detailed description of a single case
  • Conjoint: experimental verification of consumer’s preferences related to different aspects of the examined product or service
  • Projection technique
  • Expert panel


Desk research (also known as secondary research) involves the summary, collection and/or synthesis of existing research. This technique is widely used in market research.


Desk research is often required in the preliminary stages of research to determine what is known already and what new data is required, or to inform research design. At other times, it may be the only research technique used.


Desk research could include previous research reports, newspapers, magazines’ and journals’ content, and government and NGO statistics.


Mystery shopping is a tool to measure quality of service by providing information on the operations and the quality of service it is providing, compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers which are employees or representatives of the market research agency anonymously contact a salesperson and indicate he or she is shopping for a product/service. The shopper then records in detail the entire experience. The purpose of mystery shopping is often to support management in customer service improvement.

ASM - Centrum Badań i Analiz Rynku to polska firma działająca od 1996 r. w kraju i w Europie. Posiadamy status centrum badawczo-rozwojowego. Działamy w następujących obszarach:
  • marketingowe badania i analizy rynku dla przedsiębiorstw;
  • gotowe raporty rynkowe;
  • badania i projekty na zlecenie instytucji publicznych;
  • nowatorskie projekty międzynarodowe;
  • Branżowe Programy Promocji Ministerstwa Gospodarki;
  • klastry i stowarzyszenia sektorowe;

Tworzymy zespół badawczy, łączący wiedzę z takich dziedzin jak: socjologia, psychologia, ekonomia, zarządzanie i marketing, statystyka, ekonometria.

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się ze szczegółami naszej działalności oraz do kontaktu – jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji.

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